Who to Notify

Financial – prior to Funeral

The Executor of the person’s will, State Trustees or the administrator of an estate should be contacted soon after a person has passed. They are likely to be aware of any provisions made for the cost of the funeral or specific requests that a person has made in relation to the type of funeral they wanted.

Some people may hold a Prepaid Funeral Agreement or Pre-arranged Funeral with a specific funeral company or a Funeral Bond or Funeral Insurance Policy. Awareness of the value, inclusions, conditions and claim processes associated with these is helpful in deciding what type of funeral to arrange.  

We can be contacted at any time to provide information on Prepaid Funeral Agreements or Pre-arranged Funerals that are held by our company.

The person’s bank should be contacted prior to the funeral if planning to use their funds to cover the cost of the funeral.

Key people involved in arranging the funeral – Family & Friends

It is ideal that the next of kin or executor contacts the key people (family or friends) who are likely to contribute to decisions related to the funeral service.

Our Funeral Consultants will make an appointment to make funeral arrangements with those people at a suitable venue. This may be the home of a family member, or at one of our offices. It is ideal to hold this meeting with the people who will be making the decisions in regard to arranging the funeral or ensure that those who are not able to attend are contactable during or soon after the meeting.