Prepaid Funeral FAQ’s

Will I ever have to pay any extra? What if the service isn’t required for years?

No, if you decide to arrange a Prepaid Funeral Agreement with Australian Pensioner Funerals there is no more to pay, ever. We will provide all that is required for your funeral service as outlined on the agreement, even if the funeral isn’t required for another 30 years.

Are there any hidden fees in your package prices?

No, our complete package prices provide a complete and dignified funeral service. GST is included in all our quotes. The only additional fees that may be payable at the time that the funeral is required are the afterhours transfer fee or fees applicable if a transfer is required from a location further than 70 kilometers from the Melbourne CBD.

Will the money I pay be safe?

Yes. The money that you pay is invested in a Capital Guaranteed Funeral Bond in your name after payment of cemetery fees (when applicable), GST, and our administration fee. This is in accordance with the Victorian Funerals Act (2006).

Capital Guaranteed Funeral Bonds are held with Government regulated Friendly Societies and guarantee that your money is safe. In the circumstance where Australian Pensioner Funerals are not contacted to provide a funeral service, the bond can be claimed by your estate to contribute to the costs of an alternative funeral service.

What is an after hours transfer fee?

A transfer is when the person who has passed is relocated into our care. If a transfer is required out of office business hours (Mon – Fri, 9am until 5 pm), an after hours transfer fee applies. This is applicable in certain circumstances, most commonly from aged care or palliative care homes where there are no mortuary facilities. It is not applicable to transfers from the Coroner’s Court (Victoria) or from major hospitals. In most cases, if this service is required an additional fee will apply at the time of the funeral for an after hours transfer.

Do you accept payment for a Prepaid Funeral Agreement in instalments?

Currently we do not offer this arrangement. If you are not in a financial position to pay for a prepaid funeral in full, please contact us to discuss alternative options to contribute to the cost of a funeral.

Do you offer “Either / Or” Prepaid Funeral Agreements?

Yes, couples can establish an “Either / Or agreement” where one agreement exists to cover the funeral expenses of one of the people named on the agreement. This arrangement suits couples who do not wish to establish two separate agreements. The funeral bond associated with this type of agreement will be established in both names.

If I move, will my prepaid funeral plan be valid?

We are currently operating only in Victoria.  If you relocate to a regional Victorian town, another state or overseas you can still have the funeral arranged, as outlined on your agreement. There will be an additional cost associated with a transfer to Melbourne. Please contact us to request a quote for this service if required.

If you would prefer to have the service held in your new location, your executor or Next of Kin would be required to contact a local Funeral Director.

The money held in your funeral bond can be accessed by your estate or the new Funeral Director to contribute to the cost of the funeral. As many funeral directors’ fees aren’t as competitive as our prices, additional funds may be required to make up the difference in cost,

Can I make changes to my Prepaid Funeral Agreement at a later date?

It is possible to make changes to your agreement. You can both remove and add services and products included on your agreement. Additions may incur an additional cost. Please contact us to discuss how to arrange this.

Is it possible to withdraw money invested in a Funeral Bond?

No, in accordance with law, the money invested in a Funeral Bond cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances prior to a person’s passing. Funeral Directors or executors are required to provide a Death Certificate in order to withdraw money from a funeral bond.

Can I arrange a Prepaid Funeral on behalf of somebody else?

Yes, you can arrange a Prepaid Funeral for another person if you have been appointed Power of Attorney or Guardian. Otherwise, the person that the Prepaid funeral is for is required to sign all associated paperwork.

Can I arrange my funeral without paying for it now?

Yes, if you don’t wish to pay for a funeral now or have funeral insurance in place, we can pre-arrange your funeral without payment now. Unlike Prepaid Funerals, the quoted price of a Pre-arranged Funeral is guaranteed for a 3-month period due to the likelihood of rises in prices for funeral services and products over time.