Pre-Arranged Funerals

What are Pre-arranged Funerals?

Our Pre-arranged Funerals are an alternative to Prepaid Funerals when a person may wish to document requirements and wishes for their funeral but not pay for it in advance. This may be due to having alternative financial arrangements in place to pay for a funeral (eg Funeral Insurance). Payment for the funeral service is made at the time that the service is required.  We do not charge an administration fee for this service.

Pre-arranging a funeral involves deciding on what you would like to be included for your funeral. Once you have decided, your wishes and the information that we require at the time of the funeral is documented.

A Pre-arranged Funeral provides peace of mind, knowing that when a funeral service is needed, it will be simpler for those close to you to arrange, easing their burden at a difficult time. Pre-arranging a funeral ensures that family, friends or executors understand your wishes regarding the type of funeral service you would like.

Considerations for a Pre-arranged Funeral Service

  • Would you prefer a cremation or burial?
  • If wanting a burial, do you own the rights to a grave or do you need to purchase one?
  • Would you like a service?
  • Do you have a preferred location for the service?
  • Would you like a celebrant or religious minister?
  • Do you have a preference for the type / colours of fresh flowers to be included in the casket sheaf for the service?
  • Do you have preferred music or songs to be played at your service?
  • Do you have any specific cultural, spiritual or religious requests?

How do I arrange a Pre-Arranged Funeral?

We are able to guide you about the decisions related to pre-arranging funeral services. Our Funeral Consultants are always available to answer any questions you have and can provide information to you either by phone, mail or email.

To complete a Pre-arranged Funeral we will require you to fill out an Information Form and will ask you the details of the type of funeral service you would like. We will then prepare a document which we will send to you for your records and/or to provide to your family or Next of Kin. Our staff take care to ensure that plans for your funeral service reflect your needs. Details can include the location of the service and your preference for a celebrant or religious minister. If you have specific requests, these also can be added to the document (eg. choice of music, theme of flowers, spiritual rituals).

We are able to provide you with a current quote which will give you an idea of what the funeral would cost at today’s prices. Unlike Prepaid Funerals, prices quoted cannot be locked in for Pre-arranged Funerals. Quotes provided are valid for 3 months.

If requiring additional guidance and support, you can request to arrange an appointment with one of our Funeral Consultants to complete a Pre-arranged Funeral Plan.