Arranging a funeral

Choosing a funeral company is an important decision. It can be one of the hardest decisions you will be required to make when needing to arrange a funeral.

If a family member’s passing is not expected or there is pressure to make a decision quickly, it is important to consider whether the funeral company chosen understands your personal situation and is able to provide a fitting and dignified tribute for your loved one.

It is our priority to provide affordable funeral services that are arranged with attention to detail and compassion. We take a personalised approach to planning funerals.

Our Funeral Consultants take care to ensure that they understand the cultural, spiritual and financial needs of those organising a funeral.

We are available 24 hours a day and are able to respond quickly to requests related to arranging a funeral and providing information.

Role of our Funeral Consultants (Directors)

The Funeral Consultant is the staff member who will plan and organise the funeral in collaboration with family members or friends.

Our consultants will travel to meet with those organising the funeral at a convenient location. This may be at a person’s home, a community space or at one of our offices. Those involved in the planning of the funeral will have the opportunity to discuss their wishes and needs for the service.

Decision making related to the timing and location of the funeral service will be guided by the consultant who will make bookings with relevant venues. The Funeral Consultant is also responsible for fulfilling all of the requests made that are associated with the funeral. For most funerals, the same Funeral Consultant will be attending and coordinating the funeral service on the day.

Our Funeral Consultant will be also available to assist with any enquiry in the time leading up to the funeral.

Funeral Arrangements

When making funeral arrangements, our consultants will provide gentle advice when needed, to assist families and friends to make important decisions about the day.

At the end of the meeting, many of the decisions will be made about how the funeral will be customised to truly reflect both the life of the person and the requests of family and friends.

The decisions that have been made will be documented and a Funeral Agreement will be provided to ensure that requests for the funeral service have been understood. The agreement will also include a detailed account of the costs associated with the funeral service that has been arranged.

We strongly believe in transparency for our clients and ensure that there will be no additional hidden costs. The prices at the time of the arrangement are fixed and will not change.

All requirements associated with the funeral service will be arranged by the Funeral Consultant who will be available when required to respond to any further requests.