We offer families and friends who are arranging a funeral service, personalised printed stationery options. These are made to order by our design team staff.

Our range of templates are designed to suit all preferences and traditions. We can also create custom designs to meet individual needs or wishes for a truly unique keepsake.

Some Considerations

  • Providing details related to the order of the funeral service
  • A poem or quote that has special meaning
  • Traditional or contemporary design
  • Religious or cultural requirements
  • Particular photo or photos that you would like to include

Order of Service Booklets

Order of Service Booklets are printed on quality A4 paper (folded in half). They usually contain the running order of a funeral service with an important verse or poem, and precious photo. Additional pages can be added if required.

Thank you Cards

Thank you, cards are printed on A5 sized quality card (fold in half). They are a small version of the Order of Service Booklets printed on thin card rather than paper. They can be used to include a brief version of the order of service of the funeral or include a message or poem with a favourite photo.


Bookmarks can be used to convey a brief message with a photo or poem on two sides. They are roughly 6.5 cm x 18.5 cm and printed on quality card paper.

Memorial Cards

Memorial Cards can be used to convey a short message with a photo and can include a short verse or poem. They are a two-sided A6 page on quality card paper.