We have available a large range of urns to help preserve the memory of the person that you love in a meaningful way. Each urn in our range has been selected to suit a variety of different cultural, financial, religious and environmental needs.

The urns we have available are all handmade and created with fine attention to detail. We have both modern and classical designs to fit any interior space.

We also offer urns that are designed to scatter, bury or place at seas.

Some Considerations

  • Expressed wishes of the person
  • Purpose (e.g. scattering, burying or display)
  • Where it will be placed or positioned
  • Colour, shape and design
  • Size (amount of ashes it will contain)
  • Style (e.g. traditional or contemporary)
  • Religious or cultural requirements
  • Budget
  • Environmental considerations
  • Preference for companion urns

Urns may be subject to availability.

For more options and pricing, please contact our friendly staff.

Scattering Urns

Designed for ashes to be released outside, at sea or on land. Smaller size available for separated ashes.

Biodegradable Burial Urns

A special farewell vessel for your loved ones. Options for burial or placing at sea. 100% biodegradable. Burial urns are available in a smaller size for separated ashes. Please contact us for the full range of designs.

Adult Urns

Handmade urns that are designed to suit a variety of decors. Ashes are secured by a threaded lid.

We have a larger range of urns available. Please contact us if you wish to view our full catalogue.

Cloisonnè Urns

Individually hand painted urns with a wooden stand to display the urn as a feature piece in your home.

Candle Urns

Brass candle urns are available in adult, medium and keepsake sizes. Like traditional urns they have a threaded lid to keep ashes secure with the added feature of housing a tea light candle.

Keepsake Urns

Keepsake urns are a beautiful memento that are smaller than regular urns to fit snugly in the palm of your hand.

This is a selection of the keepsake urns we have available. Please contact us if you wish to view the full catalogue.

Companion Urns

Urns designed to hold the ashes of two adults, bringing two loved ones back together.

Photo Urns

Wooden urns with a place for a photograph of your loved one to be placed. Available in different sizes.

Eternal Pebble Urn

A subtle, modern urn inspired by nature. 

A stoneware ceramic urn with a memorial candle holder sealed is a tactile urn that is water resistant, allowing it to be placed either indoors or outdoors. Available in adult, medium and keepsake sizes. Due to hand pouring, each urn is unique.

Ash Clay Products – Made to Order

These products allow connection to a loved one in a special way.  Lovingly made in Australia, these items are finished in a glaze made with ashes. The combination of ashes with your choice of a base color creates one-of-a kind items.

Made to order with the choice of 5 base colours.

Please contact us for further details.