Prepaid Funerals

Australian Pensioner Funerals are specialists in arranging and managing prepaid funerals. We have supported people to pre-plan their funerals for over 30 years with our personalised service.

A Prepaid Funeral Plan provides you and your family with peace of mind. It ensures that your funeral service will be organised exactly as you would like.

Prepaid funerals alleviate decision making and financial worries for family members at the time that the funeral is needed.

What are Prepaid Funerals?

Prepaid Funerals enable you to plan and pay for your funeral service in advance, at today’s prices.

Arranging a Prepaid Funeral involves deciding on what you would like for your funeral. Once you have decided, a documented agreement is made with Australian Pensioner Funerals.

The Prepaid Agreement outlines all that we agree to provide for your Funeral Service at the time it is needed.

In accordance with the provisions and regulations of the Victorian Funerals Act (2006), we are required to provide everything outlined on the Prepaid Agreement regardless of any price increases for services and products that may occur over time.

The money that is paid for a Prepaid Funeral (less GST, our Administration Fee and any money payable to Cemeteries) is safely invested in the name of the agreement holder in a Capital Guaranteed Funeral Bond with an independent Government regulated Friendly Society. It cannot be accessed until the time of the funeral.

When a Prepaid Funeral has been established, we provide an authorised copy of the Prepaid Agreement, Funeral Bond documentation and Prepaid Certificates held with cemeteries (when applicable).

Some details recorded on Prepaid Funeral Agreements can be updated at a later date, upon request.

It is important to us that your information is safe.

We offer a service where you can choose to meet with our experienced staff.

We do not ask you to provide any personal information online.

Advantages of Prepaid Funerals

You take control

Prepaid funerals ensure that you decide exactly how you would like your funeral service to be carried out, down to the finest detail, if you wish.

Ease the burden for family members

Pre-paying and pre-planning your funeral enables you to alleviate the financial burden and some of the emotional strain on family members.

Peace of mind

Prepaid funerals are an assurance that your wishes will be carried out in a dignified way that is meaningful to you.

Planning with & for others

When managing another’s affairs as Power of Attorney or Guardian, a Prepaid Funeral ensures that you can put in place a plan for their future funeral service. This provides an opportunity to make joint decisions in advance, alleviating pressures when the funeral is required. 

Paying at today’s prices

Prepaid funerals enable you to lock in a price for a funeral service avoiding the inevitable price increases of funeral associated products and services due to inflation over time.

Protecting your pension

Money invested in a Prepaid Funeral Bond does not impact your age pension, service pension or any other means tested Government pension or allowance.

No ongoing payments

Once a Prepaid Funeral Agreement is in place, there are no further payments required even if the service doesn’t take place for another 30 years. Prepaid Funerals differ from Funeral Insurance Plans which require ongoing premiums.

Our Prepaid Funeral Package Prices

Considerations for a Prepaid Funeral

  • Would you prefer a cremation or burial?
  • If wanting a burial, do you own the rights to a grave or do you need to purchase one?
  • Would you like a service?
  • Do you have a preferred location for the service?
  • Would you like a celebrant or religious minister?
  • Do you have a preference for the type / colours of fresh flowers to be included in the casket sheaf for the service?
  • Do you have preferred music or songs to be played at your service?
  • Do you have any specific cultural, spiritual or religious requests?

How do I arrange a Prepaid Funeral?

Our Funeral Consultants are always available to answer any question that you may have and provide you with information by either phone, mail or email.

We are available to make appointments at your home or at our office to arrange a Prepaid Funeral. To ensure your information is safe, we will not ask you to provide information or pay for a prepaid funeral online. If you prefer not to arrange a Prepaid Funeral with an appointment, our Prepaid Funerals can be arranged through the mail.

When arranging a Prepaid Funeral, our staff take care to ensure that the Funeral Service your choose reflects your individual needs perfectly. Detail is included on your agreement, for example, the location of the service, whether you would prefer a celebrant or religious minister. It is also possible to add additional information such as flower preferences for the casket sheaf, religious or spiritual requirements and chosen music.