Memorial Wind Chimes

We offer a range of memorial keepsakes, including jewellery and wind chimes. Each item is designed to hold a small memento of a loved one’s ashes.

Our memorial wind chimes are a quality product lovingly made in Australia. They are personalized to include an engraving of the name/s of those you hold dear. A stainless-steel pendant is included in the wind chime which holds a small amount of cremation ashes.

They are tuned to a C pentatonic scale, providing a gentle chime and an infinite variety of delicate melodies.

There are 5 available colours including; blush, blue, bronze, champagne and gunmetal.

Each wind chime includes an engraving with the phrase “Listen to the wind and know I am (we are) near” and are personalized with a name or multiple names of your choice.

Memorial wind chimes measure 78 cm from tip to tip and are also available without the pendant when this is not required.

As these lovely wind chimes are made to order, allow 7 days to receive order.

For pricing and further information regarding memorial wind chimes please contact us.